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Reach out to your network of people in the way that works best for you. There is no technology to adopt, simply send out an email or post a link on social media. You control your own campaign - the more focused the fundraising message, the better the results.

Landing Page

We create a custom campaign page on our platform for you to tell your story. Our tracking technology keeps track of who joins and switches and ensures that the money gets to the right place once they’ve switched their cell service.


The people you invite to support your campaign go directly from your landing page to the main Verizon Wireless website and are fully tracked by our technology. Switching their service is as easy as buying a new phone online. Thousands of people already do it every day. They are also eligible for all of the current promotions Verizon Wireless is running.

Autogenerate $100

Every person that switches automatically generates $100* that they can direct to any one of the beneficiaries you have chosen (including yourself, if you’re raising funds for you). Donations to 501c3 eligible charities will be processed via Network For Good and a tax receipt will be generated.​

*$100 for the first line switched and an additional $50 for each other line added on that individual/family account.

Where Does
The Money
Come From?

PowerRaise releases money directly from corporate marketing budgets that would otherwise be spent on advertising. By leveraging group buying, the PowerRaise program creates a rebate that can be directed to one or more causes, campaigns, or projects. 


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